Listed below are the topics covered in the CPR/AED/First Aid training



Role of the CPR and First Aid Provider

Calling 9-1-1 and EMS Response Time

Basic Terminology

Protecting yourself - Bloodborne Pathogens

Good Samaritan Law and Consent

Heat Attack and Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Caring for cardiac arrest - CPR

Using an AED - Automated External Defibrillator

Drug Overdose - Use of Narcan

Choking - Conscious and Unconcious

First Aid

Control of bleeding - Use of Tourniquets

Amputations, Impaled Objects, Open Chest, and Abdominal Injury




Bites - General Bites, Dog, Snake, Bee, and Spider Bites

Altered mental status - Concussion

Head, neck, back injuries and broken bones

Injured Tooth

Hypoglycemia - Diabetic Emergencies


Asthma and Inhalers

Allergic Reactions and Epi-Pens


Burns and Chemicals in the Eye

Heat and cold emergencies

Marine Animal Stings

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