CPR/AED/First Aid Training at Home

This is the New Normal  for CPR/AED/First Aid training due to the Corona Virus


You can now take CPR/AED/First Aid training at home or at work at your own pace is the easiest and safest way to receive your OSHA Compliant Certificate. Blended On-Line Learning with Remote Skills Verification (RSV) is an easy way to accomplish this. Just take the Online portion of this training and when that is complete, you will be sent a rental manikin to practice on and to verify your skills!

NOTE: This training is not approved for Childcare or Bus Drivers at this time.

Course Information

Whether you are an individual or a business, you will need to purchase one of the listed courses below that includes a rental manikin.  If you are a business or a small group, you may need to order more than one course for additional manikins to practice with. Once the rental manikin is purchased, you can add each additional person according to the chart below.


When you SIGN UP for a class you want, we will send you a confirmation email followed by an invoice. Upon payment, you will receive another email with instructions on how to begin the class.  Once the online classroom portion is completed, you can schedule your Remote Skills Verification test via the link in your email. RSV (Remote Skills Verification) is a fully-integrated portal that delivers live remote hands-on skills verification. Upon completion of the skills test via video conferencing and the rental manikin is returned, your 2 year OSHA Compliant ASHI certification will be sent to you via email.  For larger groups, we can also provide Zoom classroom training at a slightly lower cost along with Zoom Skills Verification.

The prices below includes the Blended Learning online classroom course, Digital Certification card, Remotes Skill Video (RSV or Zoom), a Preston Ultra-Lite manikin, a training supply kit shipped from HSI (Health & Safety Institue), and a Return Call Tag will be included for the return of the manikin. 

To see how this new RSV program works, please click HERE to review the video

NOTE: Taking this class at home or work, discounts are available for larger groups

Workplace/Group Blended Learning (Online Classroom) & Onsite Skills Verification


The following Blended Learning training is available

Basic First Aid

Bloodborne Pathogens

CPR/AED Adult & First Aid OSHA Compliant

CPR/AED Adult/Child & First Aid

CPR/AED Adult/Child/Infant & First Aid

Spanish CPR/AED Adult & First Aid

For workplace and group training, we use Blended Learning with On-Site Skills Verification. The Online classroom portion takes 1 to 2 hours to complete and you can take the course at your pace. The Onsite Skill Verification takes about 1 hour or so to complete depending on group size. We can also provide the classroom portion via Zoom if needed. 


Online classroom training has no limit to the number of people to take the class. Onsite Skills Verification will be done in groups of 5 people. For larger groups, we will do multiple groups on the same day. On-site training needs to have the room according to CDC Guidelines.  Discounts available for large groups, non-profits, etc.

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